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 Top News...

We are in the final stage with the Solar fizz 15 Litre portable Garden shower development., a single Reflector Tube Version containing 15 Litres water very economically priced !
SunFence is the name of our new Solar Powered Swimming Pool Heating Collector Panel System .
SunFence, the new Solar Powered Swimming Pool Heating Collector Panel System by Andy Byland

SunFence Pool heating the ingenious new solar power Swimming Pool Heater.

Enjoy Life with the Swiss Solar fizz solar powered Pool & Garden Shower

The Solar-fizz Solar Showers now have a new Internet Address:
Die Schweizer Solar-Fizz Sonnenenergie-Gartenduschen haben jetzt eine neue Internetadresse bekommen!
Click on the image to get a bigger view of Eveline under the Solar fizz

Click on the image to get a bigger view of Eveline under the Solar fizz

Click on the image to get a bigger view of Eveline under the Solar fizz

after work hours...

use it before and after the bath in the Swimmingpool.

Enjoy the pleasure taking a warm shower in your garden using the solar powered Solar fizz Gardenshower.

The certainty to use pollution free solar Energy to heat the water makes the Solar fizz pleasure a very special experience.

Whether at home, during camping or anywhere else:

The simple handling as well as the refined construction of the Solar fizz allows the deployment everywhere, where a  cold Water hose connection in any form is present.

The pure showering pleasure

Solar fizz

Your entrance to the solar age, and the innovative technology helps to protect the environment.

Solar fizz , a Swiss made product of highest quality,designed for a long life.

  • Set up in 1 Minute
  • Simply attach to the water hose
  • Detachable shower hose
  • 30 Litre heated water can be
    mixed with cold water
  • Water temperature adjustable
    up to +70° Celsius

Solar fizz however not only stands for an ingenious invention but also for proven Swiss Quality. Designed and manufactured 100% in Switzerland to meet the highest requirements.

The Name Solar fizz stands for an ingenious invention in the garden and leisure Lifestyle Equipment..

The new Solar fizz garden shower guarantees pure showering pleasure wherever you have a water connection.

our brandnew Solar fizz  1 - tube Garden Shower

Swiss Made Solar fizz Garden Shower from Andy Byland
The Solar fizz is not only just a garden shower. It is also supplier for hot water needs in the whole garden range.

The sun heats the water free of charge and pollution free. so you can use the water for cleaning your garden devices as well as the pool surrounding.
  • Solar fizz simply attach to the waterhose
  • Adjustable water temperature to +70° Celsius
  • Solar fizz is installed without tool in 1 minute
  • Comfortable pressure-free mixing tap, no danger of high water pressure
  • Solar fizz garden shower is very easy to operate
  • Hand-made isolated 30 litres collectors
  • Solar fizz variable height from 130 cm to 230 cm, including shower

Sun bath

During the sun bath or afterwards simply refresh your body and enjoy a shower with a temperatur according to your individual taste.


Clean your body before swimming in the Pool , get rid of chlorine and
other leftovers after the swim.

Children Pool

Just fill up the warm water to the Children Pool as required by using the
fiexible shower hose.

After Work

Enjoy the energy of the water and the special feeling taking a warm shower in your own garden.


Enjoy your own warm shower on the camp site: You can remain widely independent of public restrooms.Take your Solar fizz  mobile Water Heating and Shower System along in your Camper.

Going to bed

Before going to sleep, take a warm shower in your garden during the summer months. Have a better feeling using real solar Energy.
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Health - Info

Be Aware of the potential Health Risk involved by using inefficient Solar Showers

The Solar fizz is the only portable Garden Shower with a water temperature up to +70° Celsius. Health harmful liginary pneumonia bacteria are killed in such a temperature level.. - Gardens

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